The Movement, Goals, Vision & History.

The Movement

REIMAGINE FAIR PARK is a people led and initiated movement to influence and advocate for the future of our greatest asset - Fair Park.

  • Reimagine Fair Park promotes at-large public engagement regarding our park
  • Community members and Fair Park enthusiasts have joined forces to focused on guiding a neighborhood-centric conversation about the future of Fair Park and its surrounding area.
  • Whether it’s Fair Park, The Trinity River, or White Rock Lake we are united in the common cause to make our city green.

Fair Park can be the bridge that finally erases the North / South divide in Dallas. It can be the spark that revitalizes all of South Dallas Fair Park.

Our Goal

We seek to ensure that our Fair Park is a park for all of Dallas’ Citizens for the people by the people.
To develop a comprehensive vision for Fair Park, shaped by residents, community leaders, and our elected officials with the ultimate goal to make Fair Park a year-round economic engine for its surrounding neighborhoods and the City at-large.

United in the common goal of a park for the people that is a place of unity, beauty, and peace we can be the change.

Our Vision

A green park for all people surrounded by a thriving neighborhood full of restaurants, art galleries, homes and joyful people.

Fair Park will become Dallas' premier cultural center for residents and visitors to live, work, play, and learn, and it will be the economic engine for the growth and revitalization of South Dallas.

Imagine a community that comes together under the fair green canopy of trees, the chirping of birds, and the laughter of children playing together.

See Our Vision


The History of Fair Park goes back decades before the arrival of the State Fair of Texas. Take a look at our interactive timeline to see where Fair Park has been and has gone up to this point.

Historical Timeline